For Youth

Designed to help children of all ages develop into well-adjusted, kind, and happy adults, our youth activities give kids and teens a productive and fulfilling outlet for their seemingly endless energy.

Youth Workshop Mentoring Program

Acquire skills and experiences that can help unlock employment opportunities for you, this program is designed for secondary-school-age children.

The program involves a great variety of hands-on work in crafts, woodwork, mechanics, building, engineering, and other areas. All activities are supervised by skilled team members and volunteers. Many older children that ‘graduate’ from this program go on to apprenticeships or full-time employment.

Malahang Reserve Programs: Backyard Sports | Bike Hut | Coffee Cart

Participate in exciting sports activities, such as soccer, footy, and basketball, or learn to ride a bike in a safe, welcoming environment at the Malahang Reserve.

This program provides youths with an opportunity to get out of the house, away from television and computer screens, and do something healthy and fun. Some participants later found their way to on-site programs at our Macleod facilities after experiencing the friendly nature of our offering.

School Holiday Programs

During the school holidays we have the opportunity to bring together our participants for some fun activities and adventures based on their hobbies and interests. These range from camps to day activities and the focus is forming positive social networks and experiencing new places all whilst having fun in a safe and supportive environment.

NDIS 1:1 Skill Development / Mentoring / Training

We offer a range of opportunities and activities tailored specifically to our participants needs, goals and interests. We explore constructive lifestyle options, focus on job readiness / work skills, provide mentoring and access to social, community and recreation opportunities, all in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.
Our goal is to increase and improve our participants’ lives, their relationships and future opportunities to make positive choices.

Coffee Cart

Every Thursday afternoon at Malahang Reserve you will find the Coffee Cart baristas and baristas in training serving hot drinks to the local community. The Coffee Cart enables our young people to learn barista and customer service skills as they work through a 6-week course. This course sets them up with transferable life skills and practical skills that help them enter the workforce.
Our Coffee Cart team takes part in various community events throughout the year as a way to engage with our local community, use the skills we have learnt and share the work of Open House.
You’ll also find our baristas in training from time to time on site at Open House serving hot drinks to our hard-working volunteers.

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Whether you’re looking to extend a helping hand or need support, friendship, a new hobby, or just a place to feel safe and heard, you’re welcome here.