Our Vision and Strategic Goals

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Our Vision
To Tackle social isolation head-on through creative programs and activities for all ages giving people a place to belong

Our Mission
– To give long-term friendship and support to children, young people and adults in our community, particularly those who are disadvantaged or socially isolated.
– To provide a place with a relaxed environment where people are welcomed, encouraged to feel they belong, are cared for and supported.
– To give opportunities to people to express themselves and encouragement if they wish, to make positive changes to their lives.
– To live out Matthew 25:34-40 & Matthew 28:18-20

Our Values
– We respect each person, their social, racial, and religious beliefs, and treat them with dignity.
– We value each person as unique and loved by God.
– We value, share with and support people unconditionally.

Our Strategic Goals
1. Growing People
With a talented team we seek to offer long term support and opportunities for holistic growth to all people who come within the community of Open House – participants and their families, staff, volunteers & Board members.

2. Growing Supportive Relationships & Networks
Seeking to strengthen and develop good connections and supportive relationships with the wider community – agencies, churches, supporters, philanthropic trusts, business houses, schools, community groups, service clubs and government departments.

3. Growing Successful Programs
Seeking to be at the cutting edge in developing and delivering quality programs and activities in areas of identified needs, which are effective and engaging of people to help them grow.

4. Enhancing Accountability and Governance
To strengthen policies and procedures, reporting and communications to enable sufficient finance, good stewardship and good governance.

5. Financial Sustainability of the Organisation
Regularly review and update our fundraising strategy, keeping it relevant while being aware current trends. To try maximising income from existing channels while looking at avenues to attract new sources of income including the development of social enterprises.

6. Developing Facilities/Assets
To continue to develop and furnish our Macleod site so that we have the facilities and resources to enable us to deliver programs to help people grow. Also to proactively investigate potential satellite options in other disadvantaged communities.

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