Volunteering Enquiry Form

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Open House.

Please let us know a bit more about yourself, your interests, skills and availability, by completing the form below. We will then contact you to discuss the very latest volunteering opportunities we have available that might meet your needs.

As we are a community organisation working with vulnerable people, all successful volunteers will undergo a current Police check and Working with Children check.  For full details of how Open House will use any data supplied in this form please see our Open House Privacy Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Open House.

We will try and answer any questions you have in the information below. If not, please contact us at office@openhousecic.org.au 

No, there is no age limit.  If you are younger than 18, we do ask that your parent or guardian gives permission for you to become a volunteer. 

In whatever volunteer roles you perform for us, we will ensure you have the training and support to do them successfully.

As a volunteer, you will have a nominated person to help and support you in your role. We pride ourselves on making volunteers part of our team. 

No. Because you’ll be giving up your time, we offer to reimburse your out-of-pocket travel expenses whilst performing volunteer duties and any other expenses agreed with your manager.

Please note that traveling from your home to Open House or from Open House to your home is not a reimbursable expense.

We would like our volunteers to commit to a Program for at least a term, but as a volunteer, you are allowed to leave whenever you like. We have a roster and would only ask that reasonable notice be given if you cannot come in or wish to leave the program.

Depending on the role that you do for Open House, we will train and support you to ensure you are able to carry out your volunteering role. Some roles, such as our Community bus drivers, bike hut mechanics or administration support will require specific training. Others may require little formal training. The contact for each volunteer opportunity will be able to give more details.

Yes. Just like our staff, you will be covered by our VMIA insurance policies for any Volunteering activities you undertake on our behalf.

If you are receiving Centrelink benefits volunteering can be a great alternative to paid work. Volunteering often won’t affect your payments, however it is important to find out if there are restrictions on the number of hours per week you can volunteer.

For more information on the activity test requirements, visit Centrelink.gov.au.

No, a past police record should not prevent you from volunteering with us, although it may limit the things you are able to do.
As a minimum requirement, all our volunteers undergo a current Police Check and Working With Children check.

If you wish to make a confidential enquiry, please give our Volunteer Coordinator a call on (03)94507600

Yes, we will always try to do all we can to accommodate your needs so you can volunteer with us. Many people with a disability already do. If you wish to make a confidential enquiry, please give our Volunteer Coordinator a call on (03)94507600

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