Whispers Social Enterprise Café

Whispers Social Enterprise Café

Whispers social enterprise café is all about empowering local community members to achieve their goals and improve their employment opportunities (and of course making an incredible cup of coffee).

Through genuine work experience opportunities, we are equipping our trainees with transferable life and employability skills.

Above all, our heart is that every individual who walks through our doors, whether trainee or customer, would know that they are highly appreciated, and valued and that they have a place to belong.

So why not come on down to the Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub (located at 275 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe VIC 3079) and grab a coffee from our friendly baristas.

When you buy a coffee, some food from the social enterprise cafe, or support this project, you are directly providing local community members with an opportunity they may not otherwise have, and you are helping to create a place to belong.

If you would like to financially support this project please click the button below.

“It was a bit difficult at the start but each week I managed to get really good and improve my skills. It’s a great opportunity for other people to learn in case they ever want to start their own business, it’s a very great step. I had the confidence and the focus to be able accomplish my goals and hopefully other people can reach their goals too!”

“_ was very patient and professional. Learning barista skills has given me confidence and a practical skill to use. It was good to learn how to make coffees and cheered me up. I am now able to make the coffees for Bible fellowship which I enjoy doing.”