Steven Marks

Youth Programs Manager

Professional Diploma in Leadership & Management, Bachelor of Business (Sport & Leisure Management), White Card (Worksafe OHS), First Aid, Boat & Scuba Diving license, Community Surf Lifesaving Certificate.


Over 8 years experience working in the not-for-profit sector, 5 years experience working within local government, council, schools, leisure centres, housing commissions and sports clubs to develop community programs and recreational facilities.


Over the years I’ve been involved at Open House, I’ve been blessed to witness it live out its Vision of creating a Place for People to Belong and the investment in long-term friendships.

I have an amazing wife and two beautiful daughters and truly value family. The thing I love about Open House is how everyone makes each other feel welcomed no matter where you are from or your past experiences. This organisation and community has become an extension of my family.

My role involves overseeing the youth team, the many programs delivered within the community and the future growth and development of our youth programs and participants.

Some of my hobbies include camping, fishing, hiking, basketball and the outdoors.

Open House has had a significant impact on my life and changed the way I interact and communicate with people and I have no doubt it will continue to impact and have a positive influence on the community for many years to come.