Peter Choma

Operations Manager

Bach Bus (Accounting), FCPA, MBA (Exec), Grad Dip Env Law


Extensive experience working across Finance functions in Multinationals, Business consulting services, Public Health and Not for Profit. Pro-bono and Volunteer services provided to not-for-profits and Community Centres.


Having just recently joined Open House, there was an immediate sense of welcome and acceptance by all. I sensed that this was an environment that was collaborative and inclusive, where all staff, volunteers and community participants can work together. In my role at Open House, like my colleagues, we get to use our diverse combined talents, skills & experiences to make a difference to those that matter, to create “A Place to Belong” 

Although each day at work brings different challenges and opportunities, the incredible team support, the strong leadership and vision shown by the Executive and the talented direction of the Board makes Open House a wonderful place to work, to bring out your best and to make a difference.